Our logo

The triangle pointing towards the right is a common symbol throughout the world, associated with motion and activity. We were inspired by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus doctrine and his famous phrase Panta Rhei (“everything changes” or “life is flux”).

Same principle applies to Lean; Ohno in Toyota had one goal: flow only value to customers. Ohno remarked that he “… had this idea of a fast, even-flowing river in which there are no dams that slowed the flow or rapids that sped it up.

The combination of the three main triangles with the smaller trapezoids, translate to feelings of stability and balance in the human mind.

Our brand colors are blue, white, light grey, grey and dark grey.

Blue is a color attached to our childhood memories of Greek countryside; symbolizes calmness and peace. Blue is the color of trust, suggests loyalty and integrity.

White color depicts the brightness of Greek islands houses and emits an optimistic image. White is considered to represent purity, innocence, simplicity, & cleanliness.

Grey color represents neutrality and balance.

Our brand colors are blue, white, light grey, grey and dark grey.

  • Blue: The hexadecimal color #0094da 
  • Dark Grey: The hexadecimal color #595959
  • Grey: The hexadecimal color #797A7B
  • Light Grey: The hexadecimal color #C6C8C9
  • White: The hexadecimal color #FFFFFF


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