Build your own career in quality

Are you interested in a career in quality?

Build your own career in quality

What is a career in quality?

A career in quality is a career in making the organisation better, whether in the public, private or third sectors

In a nutshell:

  • Quality management is a whole organisation management approach that drives improvement
  • Quality professionals use quality management approaches and tools to help organisations improve and to consistently meet customer and stakeholder needs
  • Quality professionals work in a variety of quality functions such as systems management, product and service quality assurance, quality auditing, supply chain quality management and business improvement projects
  • Many people move into quality having spent earlier parts of their career in another discipline because of their wish to gain a wider understanding of organisational issues. They then find it straightforward to move into different sectors or consultancy applying the quality management approaches and tools.

In fact, the quality professional is one of the few people in a business who view the organisation as a whole system, ensuring that the processes within that system deliver the outcomes that the organisation and its customers and stakeholders want.

The American Society for quality has created the following career guide depending on the direction in which you are interested. You can download the driver from here

Each has its own certification requirements in relation to work experience and studies. You can find details here.

We remain at your disposal for any questions you might have on. Build your own career in quality

Build your own career in quality

Have a look all the available offers for job at the ASQ career center 

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