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PECB Training Course Catalog 2023

We deliver PECB certification training on :

Information Security and Resilience

DORA Lead Manager
Information Security Management Systems Based on ISO/IEC 27001
Information Security Controls — Best Practices Based on ISO/IEC 27002
Information Security Risk Management Based on ISO/IEC 27005
Information Security Risk Assessment Based on EBIOS
Information Security Incident Management Based on ISO/IEC 27035
Cybersecurity Based on ISO/IEC 27032
SCADA Security
Ethical Hacking
Computer Forensics
Cloud Security
Network Security Based on ISO/IEC 27033
Penetration Testing
Business Continuity Management Systems Based on ISO 22301
Disaster Recovery
Organizational Resilience Based on ISO 22316
Business Impact Analysis Based on ISO/TS 22317
Crisis Management
Outsourcing Certification

Management System Internal Auditor
Risk Management Based on ISO 31000
Anti-Bribery Management Systems Based on ISO 37001
IT Corporate Governance Based on ISO/IEC 38500
Compliance Management Systems Based on ISO 37301
Whistleblowing Management Systems Based on ISO 37002
GDPR — Certified Data Protection Officer
Privacy Information Management Systems Based on ISO/IEC 27701
Certified Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO)
Digitalization and Electronic Archiving (DEA)
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things (IoT)

Quality Management Systems Based on ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices Based on ISO 13485
Laboratory Management Based on ISO/IEC 17025
IT Service Management System Based on ISO/IEC 20000
Educational Organizations Management Systems Based on ISO 21001
Project Management Based on ISO 21502
Asset Management Systems Based on ISO 55001
Supply Chain Security Management Systems Based on ISO 28000
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Based on ISO 45001
Food Safety Management Systems Based on ISO 22000
Security Operations Management Systems Based on ISO 18788
Energy Management Systems Based on ISO 50001
Environmental Management Systems Based on ISO 14001
Social Responsibility Based on ISO 26000
Sustainable Development in Communities Based on ISO 37101
Sustainable Procurement Based on ISO 20400

PECB Training Course Delivery Formats

Live Online
Our live online training courses are synchronized events organized in a live virtual meeting
room/classroom environment. These training courses offer an engaging and interactive learning experience led by PECB Certified Trainers via sophisticated tools that allow remote teaching.
This training delivery format makes learning more accessible to our candidates in new ways,
especially to those who do not have traveling as an option or when late classes are the only
feasible alternative.

The PECB eLearning training courses are neither location constrained nor time-bound. This method is technologically enabled and is delivered by PECB Certified Trainers in pre-recorded video format. These training courses have been catered to meet each individual’s needs and have been designed to transcend spatial and temporal restrictions.
With the PECB eLearning, it has never been easier and more convenient to be a learner. You can take these training courses on any device and from any location that makes learning a comfortable experience owing to the flexibility and freedom it offers. Participants will take quizzes that will allow for interactivity and will be equipped with additional reading material to enhance their knowledge. For those interested, our Partners also will provide additional Live Q&A sessions with competent trainers to offer additional coaching.

If you want to take a training course at your own pace and a place of your choice, you can engage in self-study, for which, all that is needed is access to the PECB training course materials.
One of the major advantages of our self-study training course delivery format is that you can take control of your own learning and direct your own studying. This format is feasible for participants who have considerable knowledge of the subject and do not require assisted lecturing.

Regardless of the training course format, all participants will have access to the training course material digitally via KATE. After completing the training course in any PECB training course delivery format, you can enter the exam from anywhere in the world through the PECB Exams app. Finally, those who successfully pass the exam can apply for certification.

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