eLearning (self paced)

self paced elearning

Today’s fast-paced environment, over-booked calendars, and tight budgets often leave little time and money for training. Because of these challenges, Self-paced eLearning provides an ideal way to obtain the necessary training. Greece Lean Six Sigma’s Self-paced eLearning courses consist of professional, pre-recorded learning events designed to provide the training you need when you need it. It’s the ultimate in convenience and affordability. Training delivered electronically in which learner sets own learning pace.

The self-paced courses allow users to learn at their own pace, from any location, at any time. Classes range in length and provide various training styles, including lecture, demonstration, simulated software interaction, and retention quizzing. Companies can easily create a consistent training plan that has the same messaging for all employees, assign training requirements, and track employee progress and results.

This fast, easy, and on-the-fly training format provides training videos, troubleshooting tips, and system function information.

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