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Advanced instructional design course.

After completing this course you will be able to plan an e-learning course together with exercises and elements of online teaching strategy, using a variety of tools and teaching methods selected specifically to meet your goals.


In this module, you will explore the various academic discussions associated with the use of games in learning. You will be exposed to the emergent concepts in the field such as gamification, game-based learning, serious games, epistemic games and the research associated with those concepts.

The module uses Whitton’s “Digital games and learning: Research and theory.”, the canonical text in the field as the main text of reference. The module will be divided into five sections as that in the book: introduction, games as active learning environments, games as motivational tools, games as playgrounds, games as learning technologies. The four different parts explore the different areas of research in the use of games in education. Research methodology will also be briefly discussed here.

This module will expose to the different arguments in the research literature, both in theory and in practice. By actively parsing the contents of the module, you are to form your own insights in the field. If you are an educator yourself, this module can also inform you on the application side of game-based learning.

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This course outlines Moodle's features by providing examples of activities and resources.